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    Serving hairdressers and beauty salons.

    We are experts in products and hairdressing treatments, beauty and cosmetics. We advise and provide professional service.
    Barber Shop
    Products and treatments

    Times change, over the years trademarks have grown exponentially , also by the fact that the world has become smaller due to innovation, technology and new ways to reach every corner of the planet. Farrés selects rigorously among the most suitable for distribution to professional, to not have to do it, providing all the credibility it has given us the experience and the fact that they constantly studying and knowing thousands of existing brands to background, offering a comprehensive service tailored to the customer to get the optimal results you are looking for and want.

    Products and treatments

    This sector is one of the most delicate, as well as having major and better products, you have to know every customer advise what is best suited to the characteristics of your skin and sensitivity levels. That’s why we have our specialists to guide on what and how to use it to get the best results for your skin. There is no dermal problem without solution.

    Products and treatments

    The customer can be advised personalized way without problems by our specialists, who will find the products and annexes needed to accelerate the aesthetic results and facial and body image, recommending the most suitable product without falling into trends or fashions, with the guarantee of Farrés , which not only sell well known for, but also to do it with discretion, professionalism and responsibility.

    Face and hair

    When people have severe hair loss, dandruff, fat, skin irritations or poor irrigation experiments are not worth any kind of products, very expensive and known to be. You have to study in depth the reason for the problem and to personalize care to advise the ideal hair treatment for a 100% effective solution for every need. It is one of the most complicated processes in Farrés we take very seriously, even making periodic reviews to improve and if necessary modify treatment, doing maintenance to avoid returning to the negative phase that could revive the issue.