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    With us everything is easier, more comfortable at peak performance.

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    More than 100 years of history

    At our 100th birthday, the first thing that occurs to me is to look back. Entertain a little, just a little to see how it has been spending time in space really not enough, now that it’s yesterday. Really it’s unusual clear overview of the things that gives a historical perspective.

    It can be seen very specifically where the real path. The path of seriousness, honesty and “Savoir Faire” say the French.

    “Les Conxites – Farres distributor” – saw the birth of all beauty salons in Spain.

    It has always gone hand in hand in perfect triangle that for years has worked perfectly for the three involved as they are; Trademark, trade and wholesale distributor Barber. Everyone in place and respecting the work done by each of them.

    So all grew, and I personally am proud to see that firms trusted on Farrés, they are now among the top-ranked sales volume and implementation in the sector.

    This look back, was forced, because my ancestors deserve my appreciation and thanks to them, I strive to continue to offer every day a better service to professional hairdressers for that increasingly more people to benefit from our cooperation.

    After this observation of what has been done, I make a mental leap into the future to organize the coming years in a more positive way with a system in equipment that can deliver our services anywhere where there is a hairdresser by delegates from each zone.

    We hereby wish to thank all our customers confidence in us, who already have many years and those who have recently met.

    My personal slogan, with us everything is easier, more comfortable in peak performance, has been confirmed and used by all hairdressers whom I salute and congratulate you for being in this profession as artistic and creative such as the hairdresser.

    Josep Mª Farrés

    Auca de Les Conxites
    Auca de “Les Conxites”

    By Josep Maria Aurín to commemorate the centenary of the company.