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  • Regene – Derbe

    Regene – Derbe

    Derbe is today a leading Italian brand in hair and beauty products made with herbs, a great tradition and a great experience with natural active ingredients that allow a wise choice of raw materials to increase its beneficial effects on hair and skin.

    Products designed specifically for hair with dandruff and / or fat, a wonderful variety of products for damaged or unstructured products that give hair shine, brightness and softness to the hair while protecting it from the sun, chlorine, sea salt , wind and cold.

    Fresh, natural shampoos also suitable for all hair types, especially the most fragile and brittle, some with a special formulation that allows clean both body and hair without losing properties and effectiveness, and revolutionary sparkling clean without oils that irritate the skin and that dissolve and eliminate a direct and natural way germs and dirt generated by the daily activity and pollution, strengthen the hair without interfering with the sebaceous glands and respecting the balance of skin moisture, leaving hair perfectly clean and ready for further treatment, care and styling.