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    Summe cosmetics

    A brand new, modern, fresh, urban and technologically solvent facial and body cosmetics, getting very difficult, adding energy and strength of youth and experience of years of work.

    It provides drainage lines, reducing and firming, combined including body treatments, which remove excess fluids retained in the skin, burn stored fat and secure and strengthen the tissue. It also has moisturizing facial lines for daily care, with mild cleansing lotions, scrubs and balancing that stimulate and help restore autohidratación mechanisms and renewal of the skin, reducing excess fat and leaving it thin, shiny, silky and velvety. Even with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Other notable lines can be nutritious anti-aging treatments, stimulating cell vitality, with high antioxidant and stimulator of sirtuins, the so-called “longevity gene”. Prevents symptoms of aging and facial wrinkles, with a melting texture of high nutritional enriched with plant emollients.